jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd is a protected dog species turkish origin. Anatolian Shepherd is protected because it is one of very old dog species  that has been around since about 6000 years ago.

While those of dog species generally has a history as a species of about 2000, the Anatolian has been established as a breed is slow and non-1900s, (but dog that becomes that of the original is there from before and after the 1800s have had). Kangaru the other of Turkish origin of Mamoru Canine species that share an ancestor, such as callus and Akbash dog on the base, Moro suspension type of dog and working collie, dogs species such as the dog was finished by that natural crossing belonging to the white 巨犬 there. It has such an upbringing in order to had Ikika~tsu are various types of dog from such as Europe and Asia in Turkey, was finished in excellent dog species as Mamoru Canine. In addition, sheep not only as a protection Canine to protect from wolves and thieves, it is also used as a hunting dog and military dog for St. Hunt (olfactory hunting), was higher popular in Turkey of Central.

In 1967, the puppy of Anatolian of two horses brought back by US soldiers who had been stationed in Turkey, came to this bleeding is performed as a mate. However, this is at the starting point, "and whether or not to certify the Anatolian and Kangaru as another dog species", opinion problem occurs on "how to certify the Turkish origin of protection Canine species in the United States." is divided, it has become that fierce debate begins between, such as members of the United States of the Kennel Club. Such as the beginning of the, but opinion there are many problems also with the non-classification of certified Turkish native breeds of Anatolian at all was not settled, and to eliminate the one-by-one problem over a period of several months, somehow this was arrived at to perform a discussion of two problems.

I took a long time to debate about "whether or not to certify the Anatolian and Kangaru as another dog species". The international does not have a settled in a state of Hangoroshi, but settled is attached somehow in the United States. The puppy us of this problem was born from the beginning of the breeding pairs that were brought back to the United States lineage, not only dog that was re-imported from local, by Kangaru was also used to improve the gene pool, it has been fixed as a species dog Anatolia down is a controversy that occurred by've finished as dog species with no significant difference (in appearance) and Kangaru. In the current American Kennel Club are settled by certifying the Anatolian and Kangaru as another dog species, but these two dog species is certified as a species the same dog in FCI, it has become the result that ends up being equated was. However, Anatolian and Kangaru another lovers each cages, Anatolian as a working dog in the United States and Turkey, Kangaru in Origin Turkey is also treated as a national treasure not only as a working dog. Each of the lovers are encouraged to recognize as a separate breed the Anatolian and Kangaru to FCI, but there is no progress yet.

By the way, discussion of the latter "should be certified how the Turkish origin of protection Canine species in the United States", the Akbash dog at stake in the above problem, callus, Kangaru, of When to register the Anatolian as a certified dog species in the United States